General Session- Panel A

Climate, Water, & Food SupplyTom Tomich, University of California, Davis

Toward a Sierran stream discharge forecast based on Tulare Lake‐level Reconstruction Rob Negrini, California State University, Bakersfield

Exploring variation in the progression of snow accumulation and melt
in the Sierra Nevada
Eduardo Montoya, California State University, Bakersfield

General Session- Panel A

California Water Plan Update 2013: Integrating Statewide & Forest PlansKamyar Guivetchi Department of Water Resources

The Limitations of Groundwater as a Cushion Against Drought Impacts– Andrew Stone, American Ground Water Trust

Central Valley Groundwater: The Impact of Drought Dane Mathis, California Department of Water Resources, Division of Integrated Regional Water Management

The Role of Groundwater Computer Modeling in Optimizing Well Production in Times of Drought – Dave Bean, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure

New Water: Treatment of Produced Water for Surface Discharge and Beneficial Use Lnsp (Naggs) Nagghappan, Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies  

The Information a Water Well Contractor Needs in Order to Decide Whether to Deepen, Rehabilitate or Drill NewTim Oman, Layne Christensen

On-Farm Irrigation
Seizing the Opportunity to Reduce Energy Demand through Irrigation Management – Sam Newman, Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Maximizing Drip/Micro Irrigation Systems Performance through UAV (Drone) and Soil Sensing Technology – Brian Bassett, H2O Optimizer

Pros and Cons of Drip Irrigation Lateral and Submain Configurations for California 
Field and Row Crops
Inge Bisoner, Toro Company  

Retrofitting Your Irrigation System for Success and Profitability – Jim Anshutz, Ag H2O

Urban/Water Treatment

Water Savings of ET vs Timed Water Application– Brian Vinchesi, Irrigation Consulting Inc.

“Greening” a landscape Irrigation System – Brent Mecham , Irrigation Association

New Technology Cutting Water Use in Turf by 50% of ETc– Tom Delaney, AquaCents Water Management 

How to Reduce Water Use in Landscapes – Bob Best, Netafmin USA

Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources Andrew Stone, American Ground Water Trust

Case Study of Rehabilitating A “Dead” Agricultural Well – Todd R. Eden, HERCCHEMTECH

Central Valley Water Well Rehabilitation: Welljet, Kaweah Pump & Giacomazzi Farms – Charles Carner, WellJet

How Variable Speed Drives for Pump Motors Improve Groundwater Management Efficiency – Vaughn Bagdasarian, Grundfos Pumps

On-Farm Irrigation
Web Based Irrigation. Technology for Water Management Through your Smart Phone – Guillermo Valenzuela, Wiseconn

Distributing Dairy Waste with Center Pivot or Linear Move Irrigation Equipment– Jerry Gerdes, Valley Irrigation

Managing Agriculture Data for Better FarmingTom Duvol, On-Farm

E-learning for Irrigation Pumps – Bill Green, Fresno State

Urban/Water Treatment
BIDA System for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment– Sanjar Taromoi, BioFiltro USA

Blending Water Sources to Enhance Irrigation Effectiveness – Bob Sylvester, Watertronics, A Lindsay Company

Lakes Evaporative Suppressant Study – Kent Sovocool, Southern Nevada Water Authority

WATERIGHT Irrigation Scheduling for Home Owners – Kaomine Vang, Fresno State




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