International Water Technology and Ozone V Conference Presentations
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General Session and Keynote

April 2 2007

Track 1 – Water Supply and Reuse  1:00pm-2:20pm
  • Michael E. Guilbert – Well Design Criteria Providing Reduced Concentrations of Naturally Occuring Arsenic and Uranium
  • Todd L. Anderson – Technology Considerations for Meeting Arsenic and Associated Regulatory Challenges for Small Drinking Water Systems
  • John Suen – Tracing the Origin of Water and Contaminant Sources Using Isotopic Techniques
  • Chuck Borg – Hollow – Fiber Membrane Biofilm reactor (Mbfr) for Dentrification and reduction of Multiple Contaminants in Water
Track 2 – Irrigation 1:00pm-2:20pm
  • Marsha Prillwitz – Statewide Market Research Survey: Landscape Water Use Efficiency
  • Brian Vinchesi – Alternative Water Supply
  • Andy Smith – Addressing the Barriers of Efficient Irrigation
  • Glent Bowlin – Master Planning Irrigation Systems: Harlan Ranch, Clovis, CA
Track 3 – Ozone 1:00pm-2:20pm
  • Erin S. Dormedy, Ph.D – Farm – to Fork: Food Safety and Food Defense
  • Charles D. Sopher, Ph.D – Overview of Gaseous and Aqueous Ozone Uses in the Agri-Food Industries
  • Ahmed Yousef, Ph.D – Kinetics and Mechanism of Microbial Inactivation of Ozone
  • Paul Overbeck – Aqueous Ozone System Design and Control
Track 1 – Water Supply and Reuse  3:10pm-4:30pm
  • Paul Overbeck – Ozone: Delivering Multiple Benefits to Users of Many Industries
  • Cindy G. Schreier, Ph.D – Treat ability Testing to Support Field Application of Ozone
  • Dan Grasmick – Ground Water Remediation Using Ozone Sparge and SVE at the Southern California Edison Santa Barbara Manufactured Gas Plant
  • David Myers – Ozone Sparge Curtain as an Alternative to Physical Barriers at a Refinery in Kenai, Alaska
Track 2 – Irrigation 3:10pm-4:30pm
  • David Zoldoske, Ed.D – Reduced Water Budgets and Implications for Landscape Irrigation
  • Steven E. Moore – Automating Landscape Sprinkler Control Using Weather Data, Broadcast to Unlimited Properties
  • Dan Dansereau – Maintenance – Free ET Delivers Sustained Landscape Water Efficiency and Lower True Cost of Ownership
  • Mark E. Puckett – Advantages and Disadvantages of Web – Based Irrigation Control
Track 3 – Ozone 3:10pm-4:30pm
  • Rip G. Rice, Ph.D – IOA/PAG User Success Reports – Commercial Applications of Ozone in Agri- Foods
  • Joseph Smilanick, Ph.D – Gaseous Ozone to Control Fruit Decay Fungi
  • James Leesch, Ph.D – Gaseous Ozone to Control Pests in Exports
  • David Cope – Reduce Decay and Extend Storage Life of Fresh Produce

April 3, 2007

Track 1 – Water Supply and Reuse  8:00am-9:20am
  • Stephen Diamond – Demonstration Testing on Treatment Technologies for Agricultural Drainage
  • Jose L. Faria – Solar Evaporator for Integrated On- Farm Drainage Management System at Red Rock Ranch
  • Randy D. Delelikos – Rx for Process Water Re-Use
  • Gour Choudhury, Ph.D – Application of Ozone for In-Plant Water Treatment and Reuse
Track 2 – Irrigation 8:00am-9:20am
  • Donald Cooper – Onsite Water Management
  • Michael Van Bavel – New Soil Moisture Sensors Enable High Performance SWAT Controllers
  • Scott K. Anderson – Stable Soil Moisture Sensors Facilitate Highly Effective Closed – Loop Irrigation
  • Matt Angell – Technology and Solutions For Real -Time Irrigation Management
Track 3 – Ozone 8:00am-9:20am
  • Dee M. Graham, Ph.D – Microbiological Results with Ozone in Several Agri-Food Applications
  • Ahmed Yousef, Ph.D – Efficacy of Ozoneation of Fresno Produce
  • Walter Strickland – Six Years of Ozone Processing of Fresh Cut Salad Mixes at Strickland Produce
  • James R. Jackson – Prophylactic Utilization of Ozone Disinfection in Food Processing and Handling
Track 1- Water Supply and Reuse 10:10am-11:30am
  • Rodney Roskin – Applications of Subsurface Drip Dispersal Technology in Engineered Ecological Systems
  • Mark Kahl – Subsurface Drip Dispersal of Effluent on Steep Slopes
  • Steven E. White – Recycled Water: Key New Element of the Sustainable Water Supply for the City of Clovis, California
  • James W. Babcock – Recycled Water Permitting Challenges for the City of Clovis During a Design-Build-Operate Process
Track 2 – Irrigation 10:10am-11:30am
  • Tom Penning – Efficient Irrigation Water Management Using Moisture Scheduling
  • Gene Smith – Applying Proven Water Savers in the Landscape
  • Michael Baron – Advanced Sprinkler Technology for Turf and Landscape Irrigation
  • Mel Canterbury – Monitoring for Better Performance
Track 3 – Ozone 10:10am-11:30am
  • Rip G. Rice, Ph.D – Phyt03 Tech Crop Protection Chemistries
  • Hanspeter Steffen – Trial Results of the Phyt03 Spray Technology in a 6,000-acre Soy Farm in Brazil
  • Beth Hamil – Direct Contact Ozone – Food Safety/Sanitation
  • Hanspeter Steffen – The Ventafresh Disinfection and Packing Technology in Several food Processing Application
Track 1 – Water Supply and Reuse  1:00pm-2:20pm
  • Jon Loveland – Efficacy of Membrane Technologies to Address Emerging Contaminates in Advanced Water Treatment and Water Reuse Applications
  • Kent A. Sovocool – SNWA’s Cooling Tower Water Conservation Efforts
  • Michael K. Sears – Vapor Compression, Distillation Adding Some High tech Understanding to "Natures Process"
  • Beth Hamil – Ozone Sanitation in Commercial pools: Large Scale "Wastewater: Treatment
Track 2 – Irrigation 1:00pm-2:20pm
  • Micheal E. Dowgert, Ph.D – Low Pressure Drip Irrigation Lessens Agricultural Inputs
  • Dave Goorahoo, Ph.D – Review of Airjection Irrigation and Its Application to Crop Production Systems in California
  • Inge Bisconer – Intellegation – Minding the Three S’s for the Three F’s
  • Claude J. Phene, Ph.D – Managing Automated Low Pressure (Lps)/ Low Flow Drip Irrigation
Track 3 – Ozone 1:00pm-2:20pm
  • Amrish Chawla – Ozoned Water to Treat Peeled Shrimp Meat
  • Cameron Tapp – Fish and Seafood Applications – Supplier’s Perspective
  • Rip G. Rice, Ph.D – Improving Fish Quality by Means of Ozone at Fresher Than Fresh , Inc.
Track 1 – Water Supply and Reuse 3:10pm-4:30pm
  • David J. Price – Using Biological Activated Carbon in Drinking Water Treatment
  • David A. Warner – Small Water Systems, Technology and Affordable Clean Water
  • Keel Robinson – Surface Water Treatment Plant Optimization to Enhance Removal of Taste and Odor Compounds and Achieve Multi-Barrier Treatment
  • Lawrence Slominski – Cost Effective, High Performance, High Reliability Solar Electric Power
Track 2 – Irrigation 3:10pm-4:30pm
  • Perry Continente – The Benefits of Flow Meters  in Irrigation Systems
  • Shawn Ashkan Utilizing Ethanol CO2 Emissions to Increase Crop Productivity and Water Use Efficiency
  • Terry Gong – Solving Soil Salinity Problems Using So2/ Sulfurous Acid Generators / Sulfur Burners
  • Stuart Grant – Beyond Low Flow Using Magnetic Bearings
Track 3- Ozone 3:10pm-4:30pm
  • Beth Hamil – Winery Applications – Sanitation and Chlorine-Free water
  • Cameron Tapp – Ozone Applications in Brewing and Wine Industries
  • Thomas Graham, Ph.D – Aqueous Ozone in Perennial Nursery and Greenhouse Production
  • Thomas Graham, Ph.D – From Lab Bench to Commercial Trials of Ozone in the Floriculture Industry