Irrigation Center Seminars at World Ag Expo

2009 Schedule of Events

World Ag Expo Seminar Center

(Located on Median and East Greenbelt Streets)


· 10:00 am  –  Comparison of Drip Irrigated and Dryland Field Corn

                       Micheal Dowgert, Netafirm USA


· 10:30 am  – Helping Growers Decide: The Drip-Micro Irrigation Payback Wizard

                      Inge Bisconer, Toro Micro-Irrigation


· 11:00 am – Process Guidelines for Converting from Surface Irrigation to   Precision Irrigation

                      Jacob LaRue, Valmont Industries, Inc.


· 11:30 am  – Agricultural Irrigation Systems Automation

                     David W. Dunn, Rain for Rent


· Noon – Irrigation Control for the 21st Century

                     Jacob Christfort, Ranch Systems

· 12:30 pm – Increase Profitability and Optimize Productivity with Efficient Water and Chemical Use

                      Matt Angell, PureSense


· 1:00 pm – Improvement of Soil Waters Status and Crop Productivity by Low Level Surfactant Treatment

                     Matthew Quist, Aquatrols


· 1:30 pm – Managing Soil Moisture in Fields Using a Portable Wave Reflectometer and a Web- Based Mapping Utility

                    Doug Kieffer, Spectrum Technologies


· 2:00 pm – Central Coast Irrigation and Nutrient Management Program

                    Monica Barricarte, Central Coast Water Quality Control Board


· 2:30 pm – Irrigation Pump Efficiency Testing

                    Bill Green, Center for Irrigation Technology- Fresno State