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Who are we?

The International Center for Water Technology, launched in partnership by the San Joaquin Valley Water Technology industry and California State University, Fresno, is a collaborative venture between industry, academia and public agencies across the country.

Our goal is to develop the technological advances that facilitate a shared vision of water resource utilization among varied interests. 

Our budget is comprised by publicly supported grants, industry donations, and through fees for services.

Why are we here?

California’s San Joaquin Valley is rapidly becoming the nation’s water and energy research center.  California State University, Fresno, has long enjoyed a reputation for unmatched experience in water and flow technology.  This combination of expertise gives the International Center for Water Technology the world’s largest testing ground for ideas with global application.


Although water is relatively simple — just hydrogen and oxygen — the work of protecting it as a resource is hugely complex. The International Center for Water Technology’s focus is on four areas of importance:

• RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Our R&D Division will seek innovative technology solutions for water and fluid handling components, as well as complete integrated systems. The internationally-known Center for Irrigation Technology and the California Water Institute will be expanded to embrace the technologies involved in municipal, industrial, and wastewater components and systems. Nearly $15 million to improve energy efficiency for groundwater pumping has already been provided from State of California agencies. We also provide services to help in the development of new private and public innovations. Access to such nearby resources as Fresno State’s College of Engineering and Computer Science and the  Engineering and Technology Incubator means technical assistance is available to industry members with new product ideas who need help from concept to marketing.


Our state-of-the-art facilities give the water and flow technology industry a single source for responsive, unbiased testing and certification of water technology equipment and systems for all applications, whether urban, commercial, environmental, or agricultural.


Home to the California Water Institute, a $3 million program funded by the State of California, the ICWT provides the scientific information needed on water technologies, uses and consequences to provide the foundation for sound policy. In addition, the Center provides ongoing education to water industry personnel.


The International Center for Water Technology will help promote the worldwide water technology industry by developing and operating the Water and Flow Technology Exposition Center and its on-site trade shows, launching an international advertising campaign targeting major customer groups and promoting public relations. ICWT will be the leading center for in- and outbound trade missions for the water technology and related industries. Visitors will see both the exhibition and application of state-of-the-art hardware. The Export Development program, CALIFT (California Irrigation and Flow Technology), is already in place and just completed its first year of service to the industry. Program details are available at www.calift.org.

5370 North Chestnut Ave. M/S OF 18 – Fresno, CA 93740-8021 – (559) 278-2066