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What is the International Center for Water Technology (ICWT)? 

The ICWT is a public-private partnership dedicated to the advancement of water and fluid technologies.  California State University, Fresno in collaboration with a growing consortium of Water Technology Industry Cluster members have joined together to develop the International Center for Water Technology. ICWT is dedicated to the development and promotion of new technologies that maximize the effectiveness of water use for agricultural commercial, environmental, and municipal applications.  


Access to useable water is developing into the greatest challenge of this century.  The world’s ability to find, use, clean, recycle, transport, distribute, sell, tax, and conserve water will determine in large measure whether the world will progress or digress in the next 100 years.  The technology to properly use and manage  this precious resource is the critical tool to providing sufficient water supplies for the world’s major needs.   Through ICWT, members of the Water Technology Cluster combine cutting-edge industry expertise with Fresno State’s vast experience in water and flow technology to create a center of excellence for development and promotion of worldwide water and fluid sciences technologies.  The unique capabilities of such a center will be critical to facing the technical challenges involved in meeting the long-term water requirements of the nation and the world.

 What is the goal?

ICWT will combine the expertise of industry with the vast experience in water and flow technology at California State University, Fresno to create a $50 million, 70,000 square-foot center of excellence. The center will be dedicated to maximizing the effectiveness of water and fluid science technology through research and development; testing and certification; education; and cooperative marketing.


ICWT began as a partnership between California State University, Fresno and the 40 water technology manufacturers, located in California’s San Joaquin Valley, that comprise the Water Technology Cluster.  This collaborative venture between industry, academia and public agencies is being expanded to include all interested parties throughout the nation and the world.

 Why Fresno State?  Expanding a proven model.

For almost a quarter of a century California State University, Fresno has been recognized worldwide as a leader in water technology through the efforts of the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT).  CIT is considered the irrigation industry standard for research and water use efficiency.  Fresno State has a proven history of partnering with industry through its Center for Irrigation Technology. CIT is nationally and internationally recognized for its leadership in water use efficiency and management. CIT currently has a budget in excess of $10 million in grants and contracts.  Building on this model, water technology companies throughout the world are becoming partners with Fresno State to establish the International Center for Water Technology (ICWT).  The new center goes beyond the needs of irrigated agriculture, and has targeted water and fluid science technologies in all applications that also address urban and environmental issues. ICWT is a one-of-a-kind organization, which is uniquely qualified to provide the leadership in developing and delivering new technologies that will enhance our existing water supplies.

 What’s the program?

ICWT, in addition to providing a world class, year-round water technology demonstration facility, will advance water and fluid science technologies worldwide through four major activities: 

  • Research and Development:  The R&D Division of the ICWT will incorporate current research activities of the Center for Irrigation Technology, as well as expand its focus to include research and development of urban and environmental water needs.  These activities will focus on water/energy efficiency, effective water reuse, conservation, and promoting private and/or public innovation. 
  • Industry Testing and Certification Services:  The purpose of the Testing and Certification Division will be to provide the water and fluid science industry with state-of-the-art testing and certification facilities and to conduct testing and certification on water technology equipment and applications in a timely and unbiased manner.  The division will then communicate the results of conducted tests to water users, policy makers, manufacturers, contract customers, and other interested parties.
  • Public Policy and Education:  The Public Policy and Education Division will inform the public and policy makers of the technical aspects of water issues and resulting consequences; educate governments, end users, designers, lending institutions and others in the proper design of water application systems in irrigation, municipal and industrial water applications; and provide a center for continuing education for water industry personnel.
  • Cooperative Marketing to the Water Technology Industry:  A major function of the International Center for Water Technology will be cooperative marketing activities that benefit the water technology industry by increasing water and flow technology usage worldwide.  The marketing function will include three major strategies:  development and operation of the Water Technology Exposition Center and trade shows; development and implementation of an international awareness campaign targeting major user groups; and export marketing assistance.


ICWT’s public-private partnership is actively seeking funding to establish programs and build a state-of-the-art facility.  Approximately $1,400,000 in grants and contracts has been secured, with an additional $10,000,000 pending.  This includes $500,000 through the California Public Utilities Commission, $100,000 from Proposition 13, $25,000 from the US Bureau of Reclamation, $125,000 from the Irvine Foundation, $425,000 from the Fresno County Workforce Investment Board, $225,000 from the Agricultural Research Initiative, $2,000,000 through the Federal government (EPA grant pending), and $8,000,000 to $10,000,000 from industry sources (pending). Land for the new facility will be provided on the Fresno State campus. Significant support for the project has been expressed from water and fluid technology companies, public agencies, water districts and civic organizations.  The supporters (100+) have already sent letters in support of a congressional budget appropriation. 


Membership is available to all interested firms associated with water and fluid science technology.  The quarterly newsletter and a listing of member services are available at no charge.