Water Cluster

The Water Technology Cluster was formed in April 2001 as part of a collaborative effort between California State University, Fresno and approximately 30 manufacturers of water technology and related equipment.

Today the Cluster is comprised of over 200 companies nationwide or international. (Link to page)

The Cluster brings together water/energy companies and organizations with a common interest in identifying opportunities and addressing problems on a collaborative basis.

A strong cluster effort can lead the way to an economically more viable region. Important common interests include:

  1. Improving workforce and training programs
  2. Advancing water and related energy innovation technology
  3. Developing stronger business and organizational services
  4. Networking and optimizing regional resource awareness
  5. Building a world class water and related energy testing and business incubation center

The Cluster meets on a quarterly basis. Technical presentations by industry members are an important function of these meetings. Visit the Events calendar for information on upcoming meetings. (link to events)

A link to the current strategic plan can be found here.

The Cluster goals are to:

At this time the staff is reviewing the current strategic plan and will review the current goals and decide if they need to be changed. Check back in a few months for a list of the clusters goals.