Technology Innovation Evaluation (TIE) Program


What is the Technology Innovation Evaluation (TIE) Program?

The Technology Innovation Evaluation (TIE) program is a vetting process that inventors and entrepreneurs may utilize to move their new water- and/or energy-related technology from concept to commercialization.


Why was TIE created?

Creating and supporting innovation economics is the overall goal of the TIE Program. Through early evaluation of new water and energy technology, the TIE committee provides advice and follow-up actions that can improve the probability of technical and commercial success.


Who provides TIE?

The TIE committee consists of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the fluid sciences combined with personnel with proven technical and commercial success in all sectors of the water and energy technology fields. Committee members have no direct commercial affiliation.


The TIE committee includes representatives from the International Center for Water Technology (ICWT) at Fresno State in cooperation with the Central Valley Business Incubator’s Water, Energy & Technology Center (WET), and the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship’s Technology Commercialization Program (TCP).


How does the TIE process work?

New inventors or existing businesses contact the Program and then submit their technology/innovation for evaluation. The TIE committee:

  1. Conducts a confidential, independent review of the technology.
  2. Offers comments as to the technology’s efficacy.
  3. Assesses the commercial feasibility of the technology.
  4. Proposes follow-up actions that could be taken to move the technology toward validation and possible commercialization